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I was born in Seattle, Washington, to a Lion and a Quetzal bird that met on an Indian Reservation.  Raised in a dilapidated two room crack shack and a log cabin near a gold and timber town of the North Cascades Mountains.  Started as a songbird with the flute at age four, then moved on to the six string at thirteen. Went on to study Jazz, Classical, African, Latin, and Turkish music at the UW Department of Ethnomusicology. In 2005 I levitated to Morocco, where I studied Berber and Gnaoa music, then on to Spain to study flamenco guitar. I also plays tres, charango, ud, bass, percussion, and keyboards.  Also while in college I began studying the arts of videography and graphic design.  I made my first documentary in 2007 and first stop motion animation in 2008.  

When not making noise or art, I am either sailing, diving, fishing, cooking, or eating, in that order.

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